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Флеш игра dawn of the fly 2 320x240 - торрент сборник маршак стихи

Jan 21, 2013 Unlike its predecessor, The Fly II was poorly received. Ryan looks back at a daft yet highly entertaining horror sequel. Sterling Cottingham as baby Martin (newborn); Rodney Clough Jr. as Martin Brundle (1 1/2 years old); Matthew Moore as 4-year old Martin; Harley. The Fly II is the 1989 sequel to David Cronenberg's remake The Fly. After the events of the previous film, Veronica Quaife, the lover of the late mutated. Eric Stoltz's character in The Fly II was the son of Seth Brundle, the scientist- turned-Brundlefly, played by Jeff 1 Dialogue; 2 Taglines; 3 Cast; 4 External links.

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