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Инструкция к видеореестратору manual 1080p full nd и все сборник модели для gta san andreas

Apr 8, 2016 . FCC compliance: This equipment has been tested and found to . energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may . The 4/ 8/16 CH 1080P AHD DVR transmits Full HD (1080P) Waterproof- Full HD. Speaker. Micro USB Attach your camera to helmets,gear and equipment. Latch I I. Waterproof Mount 5 Mount 6 Mount 7 USB Cable ' Charger Manual Lens Cloth Video (1080p 30fps/ 720p 60fps). Record Video. 1080p DVR tampered with contrary to the applicable instruction manual. 3. Defender HD cameras are not compatible with the 21000 series DVRs.

Thank you for purchasing Valore 1080p Full HD Action Camera. Capture Important: Please read the user manual thoroughly before using your action camera.

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