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Клип колдплей парадайз и мод для гта са скейт

"Paradise" is a song by the British alternative rock band Coldplay. The song was released on A special video of "Paradise" was created for the 2012 Summer Paralympics and shown between event breaks. This version featured clips. Jan 15, 2013 Produced by Cinergy for Pulse Films London, director Mat Whitecross London sequences by Pulse Films. South African sequences produced. Lyrics to 'Paradise' by Coldplay: When she was just a girl, She expected the world, But it flew away Coldplay - Coldplay VIVA LA VIDA + Lyrics Lyric Video.

Oct 19, 2011 CREDIT: Coldplay - "Paradise" Video. Filmed in South Africa with director Mat Whitecross, this clip for Coldplay's newest arena ready anthem. Oct 19, 2011 There's another video featuring people dressed in animal costumes. The clip is for Coldplay's new single, “Paradise”, and it sees an elephant. Oct 19, 2011 What's your idea of paradise? Coldplay's is dressing up in elephant costumes and playing music in South Africa's Karoo Desert, where the. Oct 19, 2011 In Coldplay's just-premiered "Paradise" video, Chris Martin takes a unicycle trek through South Africa — dressed as an elephant.

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