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Jul 30, 2015 Fixes HDT problems caused by some monsters skeletons Enables user to change weapon styles if "showracemenu" with RaceMenu is not. Mar 18, 2013 This mod keeps the game from CTD when start showRaceMenu. You can use many hair Mods, and almost no delay. It does not effect any other. Unofficial Oblivion Patch By Quarn, Kivan, Arthmoor, and PrinceShroobThis mod Bug: Using the showracemenu console command causes Oblivion to crash.

So, I have the RaceMenu mod and the problem is, as soon as I log into game, RaceCompatibility with Fixes; ShowRaceMenu PreCacheKiller. Mar 15, 2012 No Cheeks fix : Disable modify to rounded cheeks for human female. No Vampire 2012.03.17 0.40b - Showracemenu bug fixed. YgNord. Oct 22, 2013 I don't know why but closing the race menu and then using the command " showracemenu" fix the problem, ask a mudcrab for more details. Jan 8, 2013 . This mod does not fix the problems with the internal class to this menu; . your game and reload then showracemenu in the console

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